I'm Linda. I'm a freelance photographer based in Trier, Germany.
My main focus is on shooting architecture, interiors, portraits and corporate images for commercial clients, companies and agencies.

Some serious facts about me:
____1981 born in Trier
____2004 started to study photodesign in Stuttgart, graduated in 2007
____since 2007 working as a freelance photographer, since 2008 with some studio space in Trier

Some not that serious, yet important facts about me:
____my images are influenced by my passion for architecture and interior design.
____i prefer overcast days with a light, grey sky to sunny days. always.
____with interior photography, i strictly believe in natural light. Keep it real.
____one thing that might always distract me while shooting is the sound of a Porsche GT2RS driving by.

darkness. light. silk. wood. velvet. more darkness.
raw aesthetics. details. silence. fog.
moody. pure. intense. essential. versus more is more.
you and the photographer.
madly in love with images.

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