I'm Linda. I'm a freelance photographer based in Trier, Germany.
My main focus is on shooting architecture, interiors, portraits and corporate images for commercial clients, companies and agencies.

Some serious facts about me:
// 1981 born in Trier
// 2004 started to study photodesign in Stuttgart, graduated in 2007
// since 2008 working as a freelance photographer

Some not that serious, yet important facts about me:
// you will never...never have to say "Cheeeeeese" for me.
// wanna see a running photographer? then try jazz on photoshoots...wanna see your photographer dance? then let's have some AC/DC, or some 60's beat music...
// you will most likely find me wearing red lipstick at work
// my images are influenced by my passion for architecture and interior design
// with interior photography, i strictly believe in natural light. Keep it real.
// one thing that might always distract me while shooting is the sound of a Porsche GT3RS driving by
// my personal favorite image: the shot of the Mercedes-Benz museum at night

light. darkness. silk. concrete.
raw aesthetics. details. silence.
clean. pure. intense. essential.
you and the photographer.
madly in love with photography. always.

Architektur- und Interiorfotografie // Industriefotografie // Businessportraits // Bewerbungfotos // People